The award-winning stage musical by Danny Schur & Rick Chafe becomes a major movie musical

Production Facts

  • Starring Samantha Barks (Les Mis), Allan Doyle (Robin Hood), Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies)
  • Shooting on location in Winnipeg, Canada in summer, 2017
  • Made-in-Manitoba production enjoys one of the highest labour tax credits of any jurisdiction
  • Premiering in 2018

The Story

StreetcarTurnover21919. Winnipeg. The “Chicago of the North.” A general strike shuts down the entire city and pits a Romeo and Juliet couple – the Catholic Stefan and Jewish Rebecca – against Mike Sokolowski, Stefan’s godfather and protector.

Old World hatreds collide with New World ambitions in Strike! – an epic story of courage, passion and hope on a collision course with power.