Strike! the “Fiddler on the Roof of the Glee Generation”

From the time of its debut on stage in Winnipeg, Canada, the musical Strike! was already envisioned as a major motion picture musical. Seated next to Strike! composer/producer Danny Schur at the premiere run was none other than Jeff Goldblum who stated, “Wow. Big story. It really would make a great movie.” By the end of the initial run, the seed of the movie adaptation had been planted.

‘Proof of Concept’ Film Attracts Attention

Prior to the completion of the feature film screenplay, producer Danny Schur and co-producer/director Joseph Novak took a page from the Hollywood playbook and produced an extended “Proof of Concept” trailer – essentially a film demo – to pitch the concept to stars, agents and distributors. The 17-minute trailer became a Youtube hit and opened doors for the developments to follow. The subsequent success of the musical on stage spurred further interest.

“Strike has all the ingredients for a terrific movie – believable characters, important themes, action, romance, memorable music and a great big heart!”
- Gail Asper, Philanthropist, Board Member – Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Screenplay to Production

Buoyed by the interest showed in the proof of concept film, Danny Schur engaged co-writing partner and Simonovitch Prize nominee Rick Chafe and Toronto story editor Ken Chubb in the screenplay adaptation of the musical. Schur and fellow producer/director Joseph Novak assembled a team of crack production personnel including costume designer Patti Henderson (Capote, Assassination of Jesse James) and uber-experienced production designer Taavo Soodor. The $10M production will shoot entirely on location in Winnipeg, Canada – site of the events that inspired the musical – in 2017.

With the recent casting of Britain’s Samantha Barks (Les Mis) and two of Canada’s most iconic vocalists, Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies), and Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea), this “Fiddler on the Roof of the Glee Generation” comes to screen in 2018.