Samantha Barks & Marc Devigne Music Video


Samantha Barks (cast as Rebecca Almazoff) and Marc Devigne (cast as Stefan Dudar) recently recorded the Romeo & Juliet pop single/video “Love in a Place Like This” from the musical. The single will be released to radio in advance of the release of the movie. Click on the image to watch.

Samantha Barks Cast as Rebecca Almazoff

Samantha Barks, the break-out British co-star of Les Miserables, has signed on to play Rebecca Almazoff, the female lead role in Strike!. Said Barks in a recent interview, “I listened to this musical and just loved the music so much…I really fell in love with this character — she’s very ahead of her time, she’s a suffragette, and I love her passion and her forward thinking, and how she sees the world how it could be rather than how it is. I was really moved by that.”
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An Interview with Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle spoke recently about his upcoming role as Senator Gideon Robertson in Strike!.

What struck you about the project?

Alan Doyle: I was thrilled to get a chance to be a part of such a cool Canadian story.  Also, Winnipeg has been dear to my heart since GBS has been so welcomed there for two decades.  I jump at any chance to work there.

Why is it important for Canadians to tell their own stories on film?

Alan Doyle: Committing a story to film is a big job.  The very fact that some story gets told in film gives it a weight and importance that it does not get in any other medium.  There are so many great Canadian moments that deserve that treatment, and we should foster more Canadian films about stories from our own backyard.

Is there a parallel between recent events and this story from 1919?

Alan Doyle: I grew up in a Fishing Town where, for centuries, there was a huge disconnect between the fishermen and the merchants.  Since the collapse of the inshore cod fishery the fishermen are more at odds with government.  I suspect long after I’m gone the push and pull of the fishermen and the authorities, or the farmer and the bank, or the union and the company will still be raging.  It is a timeless story.

There is a visual similarity between you and the historic character you are playing – Senator Gideon Robertson.  Is the similarity going to inform your acting?

Alan Doyle: I hope so.  I’m really looking forward to it all, I must say.  My few experiences in film and TV have really taught me the power of the the picture, of how characters and sets and props appear.  If it looks right, the viewer is much more likely to be drawn in to the story.  If it looks wrong, you have a tough job to keep their attention.

Have you played a villain before?

Alan Doyle: Yeah.  I love it.  I shot a film called Winter’s Tale in New York a few months back where I play a murderous thief.  I play a recurring character, Wolf Redmond, on Republic of Doyle who’s a big stern brute of a fella.  It is so much fun to be the bad guy.

Is this your first movie musical?

Alan Doyle: Yeah, in the strictest sense.  Though I sang and played a lot on the set of the Robin Hood Film as I played the role of the famed troubadour Allan A’Dayle.  I can’t wait to work with Danny and the whole gang.  What a thrill.

Alan Doyle Signs on as Senator Gideon Robertson

Producers Danny Schur and Joseph Novak have signed Alan Doyle, actor and lead singer of Canada’s East Coast celtic-rock legends, Great Big Sea. Doyle’s acting career includes Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe) and a recurring role on the CBC television series Republic of Doyle.

Says Doyle: “What a thrill to take part in telling a story so significant in Canadian history. Many thanks to Danny and the whole team for having me aboard.”

Danny adds, “I was so thrilled that Alan responded to the music and story as he did. He’ll be playing the villain of the movie – Senator Gideon Robertson. We were looking for someone with an imposing physical and vocal presence for Robertson, and Alan fit the bill 100%. But then, when I compared the historic picture of Robertson with Alan’s, I was dumbstruck; the resemblance was uncanny. A case of happy casting accident? Or the divine intervention of the casting gods? It’s spooky!”

Read the complete article on the Winnipeg Free Press Website.

Steven Page Signs on as Mike Sokolowski

Strike! producers Danny Schur and Joseph Novak are delighted to announce the signing of Steven Page – co-founder of the 15-million-unit-selling Barenaked Ladies and one of Canada’s most iconic, and cherished performers – in the co-starring role of Mike Sokolowski.

“Steven appeals to a wide demographic of males and females 30-60. With his voice on 15 million sold records, there are an awful lot of people out there that consider him, as I do, to be one of the most distinctive voices of our generation. He’s a known entity and he brings real market credibility. We were also seeking someone who could do the Archie Bunker-ish humour that the role demands. Steven is a very gifted physical comedian and possessive of a razor sharp wit. He’s very approachable and warm – all of which are germane to the likability of the character.” - Strike! Producer Danny Schur

Read the complete article on the Winnipeg Free Press Website.

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