Robert Adetuyi Talks About the CMHR & Strike!

Watch the short video of Strike! director Robert Adetuyi at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, shooting location of the movie. Click the image to watch.

Robert Adetuyi Signs on to Direct

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Hollywood director, Robert Adetuyi – writer of the box office smash musical Stomp the Yard and director of musical films Bring it On and Beat the World – has signed on to direct Strike!.
Although the script is based on events which occurred nearly a century ago, Robert couldn’t help notice how the story is as current as today’s headlines. Said Adetuyi, “I found the script for Strike so relatable, so relevant to the politics of today, that as I was reading, I had to remind myself that it’s based on a true story from the early 1900s.”

Samantha Barks & Marc Devigne Music Video


Samantha Barks and Marc Devigne sing the Romeo & Juliet pop single/video “Love in a Place Like This” from the musical. Click on the image to watch.

Samantha Barks Cast as Rebecca Almazoff

Samantha Barks, the break-out British co-star of Les Miserables, has signed on to play Rebecca Almazoff, the female lead role in Strike!. Said Barks in a recent interview, “I listened to this musical and just loved the music so much…I really fell in love with this character — she’s very ahead of her time, she’s a suffragette, and I love her passion and her forward thinking, and how she sees the world how it could be rather than how it is. I was really moved by that.”
 Click on the image below to read the feature article from the Winnipeg Free Press by Brad Oswald.


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